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The Late Movies: Red Pandas

Miss Cellania

A video of a red panda trying to reach a doorknob charmed everyone who saw it this week. Red pandas are possibly the cutest animal on earth. Let’s take a good look at these little balls of fluff.

Red Pandas Can’t Jump

The little jumping panda’s name is Yuta. He lives in Japan.

The Red Panda Hop

Jonathan “Song-A-Day” Mann immediately put together a song with the remixed video. But there are a lot more red panda videos to enjoy!*


Yuta is the son of Futa, a famous red panda in Japan. Here is Futa with another of his offspring. Will the younger panda learn to stand on his own two feet like his papa?

Kissing Pandas

Two red pandas at the Kawasaki Yumemigasaki Zoo in Japan started a habit of kissing each other, which the world thought was the cutest thing ever!

Red Panda Attack

From the Japanese TV show Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen (Shimura Zoo). The pandas here are zoo animals doing a one-time skit for the television audience.

Cat Adopts Panda

The Amsterdam Zoo took advantage of a maternal situation in 2008. Baby pandas don’t get their “red” for quite some time after birth. See more newborn red pandas here.

Zoo Panda

“Oh no, Michael! MIchaaaaeeel! Eeeee! He’s going to bite your fingers off!”

Panda Plays Hide and Seek

And he’s fast!

Climbing Trees

A young panda at the Erie Zoo learns to balance on tree limbs.

Eating Berries

Red pandas eat bamboo like the giant panda, but they like berries, too!

Panda Roux

Enjoy some still pictures of the adorable red panda.