Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

Chris Higgins

“It’s never too early to introduce your child to Star Wars.” This Public Service Announcement was made to help dads deal with the tough issue of how and when to introduce kids to Star Wars. And what to do about the prequels and special editions. And how to prevent them from liking Jar Jar Binks.

Representative quote: “There’s a few very important things that I think [my child] needs to realize, growing up. One: Han Solo shot first. I don’t really want my son growing up in a world where we believe Greedo shot first.”

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Any Star Wars-Loving Parents Want to Share?

So in all seriousness, I know many of our readers are into Star Wars (I’m more of a Trek fan myself, but yes, I’ve seen all the Star Wars films and hated the prequels). Have you dealt with this issue yourselves? If so, how did you introduce your kids to Star Wars?