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Although I’m writing this post before Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter take on their final round against Watson, I thought y’all would enjoy a look back at Jennings’s famed 74-episode winning streak on Jeopardy. I’ve dug up some significant clips from the show, as well as Jennings on other shows and discussing his post-Jeopardy life. Enjoy!

Jeopardy: The Ken Jennings Story

A brief overview of Jennings’s story. Regarding his losing question and the resulting sponsorship offers: “If you’re gonna lose on Jeopardy, lose on the corporate question.”

Winning the One-Day Dollar Record

From the video’s author: “On the 20th season finale on Friday, July 23, 2004, Ken Jennings scores the highest amount ever won in a single day of Jeopardy! Very spooky indeed! This was only recently surpassed by Roger Craig on Tuesday, September 14, 2010.”

They Teach You That in School in Utah, Huh?

Alex challenges Ken’s inappropriate answer to a question.

Winning the All-Time Record

$2,197,000. That’s a lotta dough.

His First Day on Jeopardy

The first 9 minutes of Jennings’s first appearance on the show. His awesomeness is clearly apparent.

Ken Jennings vs. Victor Lee on “Grand Slam”

Here’s the first part of “Grand Slam,” a game show I’d never heard of, including color commentary by Dennis Miller before Jennings takes on Lee. Round 2 is here, and you can find the other rounds on YouTube.

Ken Jennings on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”

Jennings: “It really comes down to how big a wuss is Ken Jennings.”

Jennings at Google

Talking about his book Brainiac and talking, obviously, about his Jeopardy experience. Sample quote: “I had won about 50 shows before any of them had aired.” He proceeds to explain how he was contractually obligated not to tell anyone what was happening, and how bizarre it was to continue regular work life during his epic winning streak.

The Penultimate Final Jeopardy

From Jennings’s 74th appearance. You’ve gotta love his awkward smile as he passes the $2.5 million mark in winnings.

The Final Final Jeopardy

Although part of this was shown in the first video above, it’s worth watching Ken try to think through this, whereas Nancy clearly knows the answer.