The Late Movies: Geeky Tributes!


Geeks, nerds and dorks attend! Tonight for The Late Movies are a spattering of geeky tributes for your enjoyment. Know of a few others? Leave them in the comments section.

Leading off tonight, is “Hail To The Geek” by Deaf Pedestrians.

To the tune of “Hey There Delilah,” here is a tribute to everyone’s favorite former-CIA-turned-Phoenix-Foundation-Uber-Geek, MacGyver.

Here’s “Mario Kart Love Song” by Sam Hart.

What’s geekier than math puns? Singing those math puns a cappella. Here is a performance by The Klein Four that is simply awesome.

As our Late Movies continues to evolve, we have a clip of “Darwin In Song” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Finally, what geek list would be complete without Star Wars? Here is the first of a 14 (!) part series about Episode IV with deleted scenes, commentary and behind the scenes features spliced in. You can view the entire thing (including the tributes to Episodes V and VI) here.

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