Bruce Lee’s “Green Hornet” Screen Test

Chris Higgins

“In my opinion, I think kung fu is pretty good.” So says Bruce Lee, laughing just a bit, during a screen test for his role as Kato on The Green Hornet TV series. In the screen test, Lee explains some of his personal history: did you know he studied philosophy in college? Apparently he’d had a baby boy — Brandon Lee — three days before this was filmed, so we can date the film to late January, 1965. In the film, Lee demonstrates movements from Chinese Opera, kung fu moves with an assistant director (Lee’s speed is unbelievable, even wearing a full suit), Jujitsu, and an unbelievably smooth screen presence.

Prepare to be hypnotized by Bruce Lee’s graceful, good-humored, utter bad-assedness:

After the jump: a fight scene from The Green Hornet.