The Late Movies: Amateur Storm Chasers

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Whether you live in a twister-stricken area or have only experienced the scary storms through Bill Paxton movies, tornadoes are one of the most fascinating and surprising forms of weather. We’ve rounded up a collection of clips of amateur storm chasers — sometimes people who just happen to be in the right place at the right time — following funnel clouds.

Ellis County, Oklahoma

It’s hard to imagine the full force of this tornado until around 1:53, when a tree gets sucked into the cloud.

Manitoba, Canada

These folks become accidental storm chasers as they traveled through Canada and a tornado appeared right next to their car.

Elmwood, Illinois

This video was shot from a car about two miles away from where the tornado touched down.

Wakita, Oklahoma

The tornado watchers in this video are psyched when the cloud begins to form. They are less psyched when four-inch pieces of hail slam their car.

Brooklyn, New York

If you’ve ever wondered how quickly tornadoes can wreak havoc, this video of last year’s tornado in New York proves that they can move pretty darn fast.

Wilkin County, Minnesota

Within seconds, a tornado destroys a home and scatters debris.

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