The James K. Polk Trivia Contest!

Jason English

On Presidents’ Day, my wife and I went on The Rachael Ray Show with our two-year-old daughter Charlotte. (We’d posted a video of her here last month after turning her presidential placemat into a Lunchtime Quiz, and it took on a life of its own.)

Charlotte did great, but I inadvertently took a swipe at the Polk administration. Strangers have been emailing me all week to let me hear it.

To make it up to James Knox Polk’s legion of fans, we’re going to run a James K. Polk Trivia Contest! The name’s a bit misleading, because we’re opening it up to include all the lesser-known presidents. Now’s your chance to dust off that choice nugget about Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Zachary Taylor, or whichever president you don’t think gets enough attention.

The Rules: You’re allowed one entry per lesser-known president. You can enter multiple times with facts about multiple presidents, but they must be in separate comments.