Our Readers’ Favorite Bookstore Cats (Volume Three)


Many mental_floss readers contributed to the list of bookstore cats we met in the previous four posts on the subject -and I certainly appreciate your help! However, many of those favorites don’t have a picture or biography on the internet. Here are some of the few left that do.


BookCourt is a small, independent bookstore in Brooklyn. The resident cat Francis was found as a stray and adapted well to life in the store. He is described as laid-back, to the point of being a “stoner cat.” Customers and staff alike are under his supervision -when he’s awake.

Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom is the staff feline at Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland, Oregon. She came to live at the store in 2009, and is particularly good with children.


Owen is the much-admired cat at Aardvark Books in San Francisco. Image by W.F.

Miko and Atticus

At King’s Books in Tacoma, Washington, two cats named Miko and Atticus are the real managers. Miko is the black cat. Both are friendly with customers.

Boom Boom, Bunny. Patty, Pocket, and Yvan

Wee Book Inn in Edmonton, Alberta has five cats currently at their four bookstore locations. All are named after hockey players! Each also has a biography page (although the biography is of the hockey player): Boom Boom, Bunny, Patty, Pocket, and Yvan. The Whyte Avenue location is the one with two cats -a bonus for local residents!


in Mendocino, California has a

tribute page

for their beloved long-time cat Colette. Colette was nearly 21 years old when she passed away in 2004. She spent her entire life greeting customers and warning dogs away from the bookstore and the Mendocino Gift Company next door, and spent her nights guarding the courtyard shared by the shops.


The Drama Book Shop in New York City has a resident cat named Humphrey, who apparently likes to keep a low profile, since I could find pictures but no profile or story. This one was taken at a book signing event. There is another image posted at the store’s MySpace site.


in Alameda, California has a cat named Minerva that was featured in an

Oakland Magazine article

about local business leaders (scroll down for the item). She does seem to be supervising!

Isis and Osiris

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there’s a bookstore called Beta de Aquarius famous for its Siamese cats Isis and Osiris. They sleep on the bookshelves most of the time, and are always willing to receive a belly rub. You can see them both in this panoramic virtual store tour.

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