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Dissecting Elmo Live

Chris Higgins

Elmo Live is a fairly complex robot -- for an Elmo toy, anyway. He's way more sophisticated than Tickle Me Elmo: he can sing, dance, and rap, while moving his arms and legs (he even does "jazz hands"). In the video below, Chris Hogg and David Silverberg from Digital Journal TV take an Elmo Live apart.

What's underneath the red fur? A hideous black plastic robot with springs for wrists, flipper-hands, and a variety of sensors -- including a tilt sensor, so if Elmo Live falls over, he can request that you stand him upright again (and he thanks you for your kindness). The creepy take-apart really gets underway about six minutes into this eight-minute video. Around 7:30, we see Elmo Live doing dances minus his fur, as the credits roll. It's pretty horrifying. Do not let your kids watch this.