When a Nine-Month-Old Picks a Bracket

Stacy Conradt

Taking a cue from Jason's daughter and her impressive knowledge of presidential facts, I thought perhaps I had a child prodigy of a different sort on my hands: master bracketologist. Based on her picks, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that maybe this isn't her area of expertise. I couldn't have picked a worse bracket if I tried. For example, no 16-seed in history has ever defeated a 1-seed in the first round. Lydia has it happening in all four regions this year.

Your eyes don't deceive you: she picked Akron to go all the way. That's 15-seed Akron, just so we're clear. In the history of the NCAA Tournament, the #2 seeds have been 100-4 against the #15 seeds. I guess what I'm saying is, if Lydia gets even half of these right, we're going to Vegas.

Our method, in case you're curious, was to write each team on a slip of paper and then let her choose between two slips. Here she is gleefully tearing through the pile of "losers."

I'll let you know just how bad things turn out at the end of the tournament. Here's hoping that you (and I) do better than she's going to.