The Late Movies: International Talk Like William Shatner Day


As Chris pointed out this afternoon, today is William Shatner's 80th birthday. How much do you love Shatner? Probably not as much as voice actor Maurice LaMarche and Ohio resident Doug Van Horn, who founded International Talk Like William Shatner Day in 2009. In honor of today’s momentous anniversary, we’re bringing you a primer on how to talk like Shatner—including some more famous impressions.

The Man Himself

For personal edification, take a moment to enjoy one of Shatner’s finest moments.

How To Do It

An in-depth description of how to speak like William Shatner courtesy of the LeMarche.

The Second Annual Observance

Featuring Kevin Pollak, who is wearing a Star Trek T-shirt.

Kevin Pollak’s Stand-Up

Arguably the most impressive Shatner impressionist, Pollak unleashes his talent on an unsuspecting KFC manager in this bit.

On Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane, well-known impressionist and the show’s creator, contributed his Shatner imitation to several episodes.

Funniest Guy in Iowa

Apparently a self-imposed title, this dude tries his hand at a few celebrity impressions, including the man of the hour. If you’re Shatner-focused, fast forward to 2:17.