Your Moment of Zen: Things Organized Neatly

Ransom Riggs

Sometimes, when my life gets stressful, or I have so many things to do and my attention gets so fragmented that it's hard to know where to start, I just have to take a half-hour or so, breathe, and clean my house. Being in an organized space helps my brain feel organized -- and in just the same way, there's something soothing about looking at pictures on this Zenned-out new Tumblr site, Things Organized Neatly.

You can see things organized by type and function:

Robert Guillot - tool wall (1998) from my previous studio in Brooklyn

Things organized by size:

The yarn I’m using to knit my sweater. Before I dyed it, but after I unraveled it from the old thrift store sweater it once was.

Things lined up just right:

Things at nice right angles to one another:

And on and on. Now doesn't that feel better? Heck, I might make some of these my desktop wallpaper.