The Brother IntelliFax 2800 App Store (FINALLY)

Chris Higgins

Isn't it time you played Angry Birds on your Brother Intellifax 2800? Of course it is. All that faxing horsepower (including 2MB of memory!) is just sitting there, idle all day, with nothing to do except send and receive faxes. Sure, you have a "computer" or a "smart phone" with "apps," but who wants to deal with expensive cell phone contracts, software upgrades, viruses, and breakable, smudge-covered touchscreens? I'll stick with my inexplicably-priced $37/month landline, my Brother Intellifax 2800 with 200-sheet capacity, and a trusty ten-digit dialing pad, thank you very much.

This video is the winner in SXSW's Worst Website Ever competition. From the creator of Who's Pooping on Twitter (warning: textual poop references), Muppets With People Eyes (warning: cannot be unseen), and Wolfenstein 1D (warning: near-total waste of time). Mild warning: there is one slightly NSFW image shown at 4:10 in this video. But you'll be laughing so hard, your "work" cover will already have been blown.