The Late Movies: Super Mario

Mark Arminio

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, so tonight we have some clips inspired by Super Mario Brothers. Pop in a Weird Al CD, bust out those acid washed jeans and strap in for a night of Mario...

Leading off, here's a real life version of Mario Kart by French comedian Rémi Gaillard.

While not solely Mario-based, here is a quartet of very talented Seattle musicians playing a series of video game themes. Come for Mario, but stay for the Halo theme.

This clip has the first level from Super Mario Brothers updated with some modern sound effects.

Ever wondered what a mashup between the Mario characters and Jersey Shore would be like? Wonder no more.

Here is a musician named Andrea Vadrucci with a remix of the Mario theme. On a scale of one to good at drums, this guy is the Italian Neil Peart.

Finally, here is a dark comedic look at Mario where he is addicted to mushrooms. Game over, man. Game over.

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