The Lesser-Known Endangered Species

Jill Harness

You know about all the cute, cuddly endangered animals that need our help in the fight against extinction, but what about the ugly ones that don't get their own specialty conservation groups? Not every endangered animal can be a panda. Some of them happen to be purple frogs (above) or the wormish amphibian known as sagalla caecilians. So who looks out for the less attractive and less popular endangered species? The group known as Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE).

EDGE (an extension of the Zoological Society of London) understands that the majority of endangered species, particularly those that are less cute and cuddly than the rest, receive little or no conservation efforts. Their goal is to change that. Learn more about this great group at their website or check out some of the magnificent animals they help protect here.

[Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Karthickbala.]