The Internet Wishlist

Colin Patrick

Spend enough time immersed in the world of technology and you’re sure to develop a healthy list of “someone should create a…” ideas. The Internet Wishlist provides a spot for all of these ideas to gain an audience. The site describes itself this way:

The Internet Wishlist is a collection of ideas for apps and websites people are wishing for. Ideas range from web to mobile, realistic to imaginary, and helpful to humorous.

As an example, my recent visit offered these varied ideas:

"I wish there was an app that shows you different language subtitles when you point your phone at the person who speaks." – @workisnotajob * "I wish the Internet could replicate smell and taste, especially smell." – @twostoreys * "I wish there was an app that let me unlock geo-located music playlists to set the tone for historic rock n roll landmarks." – @suzyperplexus

The site is set up like a corkboard of ideas - which makes for a quick reading experience. And if you fancy yourself as the “someone” in those “someone should create a…” ideas, it just might be the inspiration you need to change the world.

(Via Good)