The Late Movies: Remembering Mitch Hedberg


Six years ago today, we lost a comic genius. After a long battle with addiction, Mitch Hedberg died in the Westminister Hotel in Livingston, New Jersey. Tonight, let’s remember him by laughing at his jokes. (Note: Some of these clips are NSFW due to language. Headphones, please!)

Saved By the Buoyancy of Citrus

What will you do you with limes?

Fruit on the Bottom, Hope on Top

Also: What wearing a turtleneck is really like.

I Tried to Walk Into Target, But I Missed

Are we wasting time refrying beans?

The Club Sandwich Club

Cool, I can deal with that.

How Do You Abbreviate Arkansas?

Just start spelling it, then quit.

Six People Ain't Gonna Convince Me

Or are they?

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