Gmail Motion

Chris Higgins

OMG, you guys. Finally, Gmail Motion is here! Now you can use easy, real-world gestures to control Gmail. Want to send a message? Just pantomime licking a stamp and putting it on an envelope. Message sent! Want to Reply-All? Just point both thumbs behind you! You're sending some mail to a bunch of people!! Let the webcam (and your whole body) do the work -- not just your stupid fingers!

This enhancement to Gmail is going to be huge. I'm already learning new gestures, just by waving my arms around and seeing what happens. Hey, I just made a rude gesture at my computer -- and it marked the message as spam! BRILLIANT!

Here's a demo:

More technical details after the jump.

"Dr. Dennis Tooley, Ph.D., talks about his involvement with Gmail Motion":

"Lorraine Klayman, M.Sc., environmental movement specialist, talks about her involvement with Gmail Motion":

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