Colin Patrick

My only surviving grandmother is one of the liveliest ladies the world has ever seen. She’s perpetually the loudest, most high-energy person in the room (quite a feat in my family), she wears her best jewelry every single day, and she’s got a robust sense of humor – constantly threatening to leave my grandfather (her husband of 60-plus years) as soon as Tony Bennett comes calling for her.

Basically, she’s the coolest grandmother ever.

But she’s not the type of grandmother you’d find sitting knitting in a chair. So, if I ever want some garments handmade with love for my two sons, I will just have to turn to Grannies, Inc., a service that offers a design-it-yourself service with the guarantee that your products “will be hand-knitted by one of our grannies, because who knows more about knitting than grannies?”

My very favorite part of the Grannies, Inc. website is the Who Are the Grannies page, which offers endearing bios of each of the grannies:

(Via Incredible Things)