An Ethnic Cookbook From A Culture That Never Existed


This is the coolest idea for a cookbook I've ever seen. The Feasts of Tre-mang will be a cookbook full of exotic and unusual (but delicious!) recipes that originated on the Island of Tre-mang, which was near the Canary Islands until it got destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the first decades of the last century. Except it didn't -- because Tre-mang never existed. I say will be a cookbook because The Feasts of Tre-mang is a Kickstarter project, meaning that right now it's just a highly inventive proposal, and should the author of this proposed book get the funding he's looking for, it'll get made. But I'll let the author pitch it for himself:

Want to help Eli make this awesome book? He may have enough money already, but for $450, Eli will personally prepare a four-course Tre-mang feast for you (provided you can get to San Francisco for dinner). In addition to being a foodie and a culinary writer, Eli Brown is also a poet and the author of this novel. Talk about a Renaissance Man!