The Late Movies: Jacobus, A Vlogger from the 14th Century

Chris Higgins

Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, the video blog of Jacobus, a 14th-century serf with a suspiciously bad accent. I don't know how they got that webcam all the way back into his village (I guess the demonic cats at YouTube finally added a time travel feature), but I can tell you that this is the most wonderful thing since Phone Call to the 14th Century, which itself is quite wonderful. The content of these video blogs is roughly as pedestrian as modern video blogs, dealing with daily life, politics, and work; what makes this my favorite video blog is Jacobus' deadpan delivery.

Jacobus is a member of the Kasper Hauser comedy group, who are also behind the single best thing that has ever happened, SkyMaul.

Warning: there is occasional salty language in a few of these clips. It's in the context of a 14th-century serf chatting about his day though, so I'd say it's fairly safe for work -- particularly if you work as a serf, shoveling [expletive] all day. Recommended for fans of Monty Python, mockumentaries, and 14th century village life.


"It's like a bird with muscles."


"I think you'll find that everyone in the village -- myself, Reginald, the butcher, me barber included, has got some sort of strong opinion about cats." Deals with the question of what specifically the relationship is among cats, the Devil, and bad luck.

Jacobus Clarifies His Role in the Page Scandal

"I am not a page...I am a serf, which means I shovel [expletive]. For free." Topical humor from a while back.

Jacobus Has Been Busy

Regarding his job, shoveling.

First Video Log

"What have I been up to? Um. It's Tuesday. Second day of the week. Um. God."

Second Video Log (Boring Day)

It's amazing how little video blogging has changed in seven centuries.

The Honey Incident

Jacobus is having some medical issues.

Jacobus a Monk?!!?

Dropping a little papal history.

More Jacobus

Check out Kasper Hauser's YouTube channel for more.