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Too Young to Die: Photojournalism at its Best and Grimmest

Ransom Riggs

I've really been enjoying myself over on Kickstarter, a social networking site that helps fund and follow independent creative projects. In an era where there might not be government funding for public radio, let alone small-scale photography, film, or literary projects, it's up to us -- the crowd as patron. You can give as little as a dollar to help, and most of the projects are looking for relatively modest funds of just a few thousand. I'm going to start highlighting worthy projects I think our readers will find interesting -- not to prod you all to give, necessarily (but feel free!), but more as an illustration of all the DIY creativity that's going on in the world. It's inspiring to be confronted with so many inspired people.

Today we're looking at a project by photographer Carlos Ortiz, who's using his camera to document one of the biggest problems in his inner-city Chicago neighborhood -- gun violence. Carlos is putting together a book of his photographs, an exhibition, and a 30-minute documentary film. His photos are brilliant and heart-wrenching, and I hope to find his book in bookstores one day soon.