Five Goofy Star Wars Re-Cuts

Chris Higgins

Need a way to nerd your way through the workday? Enjoy these re-cut Star Wars videos (they're all short) by YouTube master OneMinuteGalactica. They're completely safe for work, except for the fact that you're watching Star Wars videos at work. Warning: stupid but funny.

Ben Kenobi Won't Shut Up

Obi Wan's got a walkie talkie and he just can't stop using it. Best YouTube comment comes from warmachine021: "Strike Me Down and I Will Become More Annoying Than You Can Possibly Imagine" - Ben Kenobi?

Luke Skywalker - Worst Scout Ever

"Well, I finished my circle. I don't pick up any life readings."

What's All the Noise?

This falls into the sine wave of funny category.

It's a Star Wars Miracle

The Star Wars Christmas special you never saw. Because it didn't happen.

Luke Skywalker Isn't Over Macho Grande

Who doesn't love a good Airplane! reference? (Note: in case you don't get the reference, the video's author helpfully points to a clip from Airplane!)

Lots More

I had to stop at five -- there are many more at OneMinuteGalactica. The nerd-force is strong in this one.