The Late Movies: Music On The Go


Tonight for the Late Movies we have a series of music clips from some people on the go—either on trains, subways, taxis or even from the confines of their bathrooms. Enjoys these tracks as you head into a beautiful weekend!

Leading off tonight is The Belle Brigade performing "Losers" on a pair of acoustic guitars. In a bathtub.

Next up we have Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie rocking out "No Sunlight" in a taxi for The Black Cab Sessions.

Here is indie rocker Feist with her track "I Feel It All" performed on a city bus.

Although it's short (and you can't really see anything), rapper Kanye West decided to perform a few bits of his music on a Delta flight in 2007. Here is a brief clip of his family-friendly version of "Golddigger."

Back to the bathroom, here is an awesome acoustic version of "One Week" performed by Barenaked Ladies.

It's amazing what you can do with a speaker and a few iPhones, isn't it? Here is band Atomic Tom singing (and playing via iPhone) "Take Me Out."

Bonus: Found this little gem while doing research tonight. For all of you slightly OCD (or just concerned about the most sanitary way to wash up), here is a song about making Perfect Bathroom Trip.

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