What's Soderbergh Watching?

Chris Higgins

Public radio show Studio 360 recently spoke to Steven Soderbergh about what he reads, watches, paints, and directs. The result is this PDF showing what he did in 2010 and 2011 through late March. It's an impressive list, including some odd moments like the period from May 22 to June 1 2010, during which he watched The Social Network twice in one day, watched The Room on the same day, watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad over the following week, then watched The Social Network yet again. Check it out for a look at what a very influential director actually does with his media creation and consumption time.

Do You Keep a "Media Diary?"

I'd never thought of keeping a list like this, but now I'm tempted to. Do any of you keep your own media diaries? If so, do you have any tips? (I'm wondering whether you keep it in a notebook, in a text file, or what....)

(Via Kottke.org, via Studio 360.)