The Quick Nine: Nine Food Trucks

Stacy Conradt

Like the ice cream trucks of yesteryear (I hear they're still around, but not in my neighborhood), food trucks roam around cities bringing delicious goodness right to people. Only they've grown up since we were kids - these days they deliver things like grass-fed beef, lobster rolls, Chinese buns and grilled cheese. OK, maybe they haven't totally grown up. Flavorwire delivers an awesome list of the some of the best food trucks the U.S.; here are a couple of my favorites.


Coolhaus has trucks in NYC, L.A. and Austin (obviously). You pick from sophisticated flavors of ice cream like Meyer Lemon and Sea Salt Caramel, choose a cookie flavor to sandwich the ice cream between, and top it all off with an edible wrapper. Yes, please.


They apparently serve up amazing pulled pork sandwiches (veggie versions, too), but you know the truck's decor is the reason people are originally drawn in.

Check out the other seven trucks at Flavorwire! Do you have one in your town that was left off of the list?