Peeps of Art and Literature


I posted a roundup of Peeps dioramas called Heaps of Peeps back in 2007 and Peeps Imitate Life in 2009. There are thousands of Peeps scenes and dioramas to enjoy, but I decided this year to focus on art and literature. Why? Because marshmallow chicks and bunnies can be more than Justin Peeper and The Jersey Peeps: they can be highbrow, too!

This diorama from the Chicago Tribune's 2008 Peeps Diorama competition features Peepanardo DaVinci, by TI-Gen3-chinews. The artist is working with the live model for the Mona Lisa.

Night Hops by horselover5 recreates Edward Hopper's 1942 painting Nighthawks.

This scene depicts Samuel Peepys Diary of the Great Fire of London. It was constructed by sheepwash.

Peep Art shows us a modern art gallery, Peep-style. Diorama by TI-Gen3-chinews.

A Peeps tribute to Edward Gorey, "Gashlycrumb Peeps" is by Rachael Blair, inspired by the illustration "N is for Neville who died of ennui."

Vincent Van Peep's Bedroom in Arles is another artistic recreation by TI-Gen3-chinews, who is also behind the next four entries in the 2008 Chicago Tribune competition.

These Peeps are posing for the work American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Here is the Peep version of The Scream by Edvard Much.

This scene featuring Edgar Allan Peep has a marshmallow chick that says "Nevermore."

Andy Peep-hol watches over his museum exhibit.

The 2009 competition from the Chicago Tribune had 248 entries, including some with highbrow tastes. Beware the Ides of Marshmallow by Suzanne Belles recreates a scene from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.

Gulliver's Travels in Peeps, by jckbng.

The Chicago Tribune's 2010 competition had more art and literary Peeps. Here are two art references in one Peep diorama: Vincent Van Peep and the Agora sculpture by Anna Pugsley. The idea is that Van Peep feels like less of a freak for having only one ear among the earless statues of the Grant Park artwork called Agora.

Peepnardo Da Vinci features the Mona Lisa rendered in blue marshmallow, an entry from

The Last Peeps Supper combines Peeps with toast, waffles, and candy. Do you think Da Vinci would be proud? This diorama was created by Tileboy.

Peep artist snuffy72 gave us Andy Warhol's "16 Peeps," a parody of 16 Jackies.

Voting in The Chicago Tribune's 2011 Peeps Diorama Competition ends at noon today. The winners will be announced on April 21st. Among the competitors this year is this diorama of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, by violinist Ashley Rewolinski and her dad Joe Rewolinski.

This work of art bring "two iconic chicks" together in Andy Warhol's Marilyn. Diorama by Kelly Baas.

You can see more Peeps dioramas at the Washington Post, which also holds an annual competition.