The Late Movies: Trick Shot Videos


Tonight for the Late Movies, we have a collection of clips that probably took quite a few takes to get right. That doesn't necessarily make them any less impressive!

Leading off tonight is a video from A Normal Day. I shudder to think how many takes went in to flipping the keys on the hook.

Here is UConn 3rd string quarterback Johnny Mac with a variety of football trick shots. It's a pretty impressive collection for a guy riding the pine.

If you have a few extra ping pong balls, a dimly lit garage and a friend with camera, then you can put together a trick shot video with over 4 million hits.

It's soccer time! Check out these trick shots from the world's most played sport.

Finally tonight, a group called Dude Perfect—a group that apparently makes trick shot videos in an effort to sell more GMC trucks—once made a basketball shot out of an airplane. Reportedly, this was only their second take.

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