The Six-Word Fact Contest!

Jason English

Let's try something! It's a trivia contest, but you only get six words. Like Six-Word Memoirs, only much less ambitious. Here are some examples I plucked from our vast trivia archives:

Snuffleupagus has a first name—Aloysius. * Kool-Aid was originally "Fruit Smack." * Jacqueline Kennedy edited Michael Jackson's autobiography. * The plural of Prius is Prii. * John Tyler's grandsons are still alive. * Shaggy's real name is Norville Rogers. * "Dr Pepper" doesn't have a period. * M&M's stands for "Mars & Murrie's."

Now it's your turn. You can either submit your facts in the comments below, or on Twitter by mentioning @mental_floss and the hashtag #sixwordfact. We'll reward our favorites with mental_floss t-shirts (eventually). Wow us with your bite-sized brilliance!

[Image credit: Flickr user primacakes]