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LA's Drive-Thru Funeral Home

Ransom Riggs

I guess it's to be expected in the country where car culture was invented -- after all, we've got drive-thru restaurants, wedding chapels, strip clubs, trees, and prayer booths. Somehow a drive-thru funeral home seems tackier than any of those, but Southern California's got one, down in Compton. As far as I can tell it's the only one in operation -- there used to be one in Florida, but it's been closed for years now -- and it'll be interesting to see whether recent publicity like the video below, produced by the LA Times, attracts enough attention to turn the funeral home into a circus that forces them to shutter the drive-thru.

(Sorry about the weird size; it appears that all embed codes are not created equal.) While the funeral home seems to have designed their drive-thru as tastefully as it's possible to do -- the deceased behind a tall wall of glass, surrounded by handsome sprays of flowers; way better than its disappeared Florida counterpart -- the idea that people who aren't invited to the funeral can just walk up, gawk, and take pictures, seems totally squicky to me. Who wants cell phone videos of their dead Aunt Sally showing up on YouTube?