Skydiving in Slow Motion


It's hard to describe what skydiving is like to someone who's never tried it (though I attempted to a few years ago), because before you've actually taken the plunge, all you can imagine is the terror. But in between the gut-wrenching step out of the airplane and the sometimes-hairy touchdown (or tumbledown, depending on your aptitude) there are -- or were for me, in any case -- a few moments of blissful peace, when it doesn't feel like the ground is rushing at you particularly quickly, and you get sort of used to the rushing wind, and just look around and think, This is amazing. I imagine the more you've done it, the more of the jump you're able to enjoy, too.

This video comes as close to capturing that golden quiet moment as anything I've seen. It's mesmerizing.

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Via Gizmodo.