Revolutionary New Product: 2-D Glasses

Ransom Riggs

Hank Green, brother of honorary lifetime Mental Flosser John Green and half of the videoblogging Vlogbrothers, has come up with a revolutionary new idea for a product, one that could enhance the movie-going experiences of literally millions of people. In fact, it's more than just an idea, since Hank actually went through with it and worked with a manufacturer to make thousands of pairs of his new invention: 2-D Glasses. Yes, 3-D is sweeping the box office, partly because the additional cost of 3-D movie tickets has made up for a slump in movie theater attendance so that it looks, revenue-wise, like the movies are doing BETTER THAN EVER!! when really people are just paying more to see them. But as more and more movies are going 3-D, a small but significant portion of the viewing public are starting to grumble: 3-D gives about 10% of people headaches. That's not much of a reward for ponying up $13 or $14 to see TRON or whatever.

Hank's 2-D glasses look like 3-D glasses, only they have the same polarization in each lens, which effectively strips away the 3-D and leaves you free to enjoy the movie without developing a raging headache. Yes, you're paying almost twice as much money to see a dark-looking film in 2-D (3-D movies are about a stop of light darker than other films when projected, though that varies slightly from theater to theater), but if the whole fam is going at least you don't have to sit it out.

You can order a pair here.