The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Viagra Beer

To commemorate the royal wedding next week, Brewdog is selling a limited edition run of 1,000 bottles of Royal Virility Performance, a specially brewed beer that contains Viagra, which is legal in the UK. It also contains chocolate, Horny Goat Weed and "a healthy dose of sarcasm." One bottle will cost you £10 plus delivery charges; may not be available in your area.

No More Super Hero Capes for the Unemployed

Workforce Central Florida initiated a campaign they called “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” to reach unemployed workers. They actually bought 6,000 super hero capes to hand out to potential job-seekers at a cost of $14,000, some of which was federal money. Backlash began immediately, as some called the campaign demeaning and others called it a waste of money. Workforce Central Florida Vice President Kimberly Sullivan announced the end of the campaign and apologized for offending anyone, but never went as far as to say the idea was a mistake. She said the capes helped the organization reach a lot of people who needed work.

Frogs in Buckets Poached for Legs

In the province of Carinthia, Austria, conservation volunteers help frogs to cross a busy highway. The frogs are funneled into a series of buckets on the side of the highway, and are collected once a day to be taken safely across. But recently, someone has been helping themselves to the frogs waiting in the buckets -for their legs. Officials believe the perpetrators are Italian, as frog legs are a delicacy in Italy. If caught, the frog poachers could face fines up to 3,600 euros ($5,149).

Documents Reveal J. Edgar Hoover's interest in UFOs

The FBI has launched a website with around 2,000 historical documents, some of which concern UFOs. In 1947, the FBI issued this notice to its offices:

"Flying Discs -- The Bureau, at the request of the Army Air Forces Intelligence, has agreed to cooperate in the investigation of flying discs. ... You should investigate each instance which is brought to your attention of a sighting of a flying disc in order to ascertain whether or not it is a bona fide sighting, an imaginary one or a prank."

The collection includes quite a few files concerning reports from citizens of UFO sightings and their subsequent investigations.

Penguins Enamored with Rubber Boots

A penguin named Bonaparte at Sea Life Konstanz in Germany became unnaturally attached to his zookeeper's boots. Dennis Kübler's boots were made of black and white rubber. This is the penguins' mating season, and the other penguins who saw Bonaparte's attempts at wooing the boots were inspired to compete for the boots' affections as well. Kübler had to switch to a pair of blue boots to encourage the birds to try mating with each other instead. Kübler says he will go back to wearing his regular boots after Bonaparte finds a mate, since penguins are monogamous.

Good Samaritan Stuck in Sunroof

Danielle Michoud and her husband encountered a woman who was locked out of her car in Manchester, New Hampshire. Michoud was the smallest of the three, so volunteered to try getting in through the partially-open sunroof. But she became stuck. About 50 or so people came by, but they weren't there to help. According to Michoud, they stopped to take pictures or video of her predicament! Firefighters finally freed the woman using an airbag to pry the sunroof further open. Michoud was checked out at an emergency room and went home with bruises to her ribs and back.

Wanted: Buxom Virgins to Pick Tea Leaves with Their Lips

A Chinese tea vendor is marketing a variety of tea as extremely special, with healing properties and even a little magic. Legend says the tea was picked by fairies, who also drop out of the sky when the tea is brewed. The tea is advertised as being picked by the lips of virgins. In fact, the company is advertising for ten more virgins to pick the leaves with their lips and drop them into baskets without using their hands. Another qualification: the pickers must be at least a C cup bra size. Those who qualify can earn £50 ($82US) a day.