Talk Live With Astronauts

Colin Patrick

This Friday at 3:47 PM (EST) the Space Shuttle Endeavour will take off from Kennedy Space Center on its last flight ever. And, unless current plans change, it will also be the second to last Space Shuttle flight ever (The final flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is scheduled for June 28 of this year, when Atlantis will embark on a 12-day mission).

With the incredibly bright group of readers we have here at mental_floss, it’s likely that there are at least a few of you out there who grew up wanting to be an astronaut. (Any Space Camp alumni?) If that’s the case – and you don’t happen to be one of the crew members of this Friday’s mission – it would appear your window for screaming through the cosmos in the Space Shuttle is closing. That’s the sad part.

The good part is that although you won’t be onboard with Commander Mark Kelly and his crew, you can at least take the unique opportunity to interact with them during their trip. As the Official Google Blog explains:

The crew will be live in cyberspace from outer space on May 2 to answer some of the questions live on YouTube. So now is your chance to finally ask a real live spaceman what Astronaut Ice Cream tastes like and how exactly they go to the bathroom.