Mr. T as the Meta-rebel

Chris Higgins

The folks over at at Overthinking It came up with an idea for a new political party: The Mr. T Party. But, as with all parties, there is some disagreement about the nature of the party itself, its intentions, and even its ideals -- although there is the central rallying figure of Mr. T (who is completely unaffiliated with his eponymous Party).

In this ten-minute slide show, Overthinkers lay out the philosophical bedrock of the Party. They start with quotes from Vergil's Aeneid alongside Clubber Lang (portrayed by Mr. T) from Rocky III. The name of the talk: "Gold chains and social capital: Subaltern strategies of resistance and the coercive authority of the state in Mr. T-oriented fool-pitying." Um. Holy crap? In this presentation, we see the different sides of Mr. T -- the benevolent enforcer of the social order and the common good, versus the lone rebel correcting injustice through force. It's truly remarkable stuff, and the fact that this YouTube video has fewer than 1,000 views means not nearly enough fools are aware of this wonderfulness. I pity them.

Without Mr. T, truly our lives would be nasty, brutish, solitary, and short. We need his Hobbesian python biceps to hold the social order together.

On May 21 2011, the Mr. T Party celebrates its first anniversary (and Mr. T's 59th birthday). Perhaps you'd like to declare your political leanings on Facebook?