The Late Movies: Blu

Erica Palan

Blu is the pseudonym of a super-cool Italian street artist, who began his career using spray paint but eventually evolved to use house paint, which gives his pieces a more polished, less urban look. Blu's pieces can be seen all over Europe, most notably in Italy. Below, you'll find a handful of time-lapse videos of some of his more notable pieces. See more of his work at


One of his first videos, this was filmed in 2001 (and is maybe NSFW, depending on how your employer feels about cartoon butts).


Made in Buenos Aires and Baden, this piece is described as "am ambiguous animation painted on public walls."

Big Bang Big Boom

"A short unscientific story about evolution and his consequences," this wall-painted animation was filmed last year in Argentina and Uruguay.


For this piece, Blu collaborated with street artist David Ellis.


Created in 2007, this fascinating piece loops twice for added impact.

Spina 2006

This video features Blu's creative process in 2006 as he created work in Comacchio.