Calling All Interns!


If you're a great writer overflowing with brilliant ideas for stories and quizzes and you'll be in the New York area this summer, you could be our next intern! You probably have a few questions. Let's take them one by one.

So, what does a mental_floss intern do?
Lots of writing. Mainly for, but you'll be pitching magazine stories as well. You'll be coming up with your own topics, and you'll be writing up topics assigned by editors.

Can you give me an example?
It's 11:30pm. President Obama has just announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. We start emailing story ideas back and forth—who gets the reward money? What are some other famous manhunts? What do people do for fun in Abbottabad? The next day, you write up whatever we settled on. Not all your stories will be tied to current events, but that's where your focus will be. We can do this during the daytime, too.

How many interns are you looking for?

Do I need to be a college student?

Can I work from home?

Much of the time. But some of us are moving to a new Manhattan office and two days a week, we'd like some company. Thus the "and you'll be in the New York area this summer" part.

I live in Boise and will have trouble making it to this fancy Manhattan office you mentioned. Am I out of luck here?
Kind of. For this internship, we need people who can come into the office. But if you believe you'd make an outstanding occasional freelance/intern contributor, go ahead and make your case.

How do I apply?
Here's what we need from you:

1. Who are you, and why are you applying for this internship? (Let's not go crazy here. A couple paragraphs.) 2. Two great story ideas. 3. One great quiz idea. 4. One writing sample. Could be a link to something you've written elsewhere, could be one of your great story ideas from number 2. 5. One resume (yours, preferably). 6. One amazing six-word fact.*

Email your application to by

Wednesday, May 11th

Sunday, May 15th.

Have any famous people interned for mental_floss?
Dozens! Some of your favorite mental_floss writers started years ago as interns. Stacy Conradt, Matt Soniak, Allison Keene, Jason Plautz, Andréa Fernandes and Sydney Beveridge parlayed internships into steady work. And we've met some great contributors through the application process.

Will I get paid?
There will be a monthly stipend. I'll get back to you on the exact amount.

* We held a #SixWordFact contest last month. It was great fun. Winners will FINALLY be announced tomorrow.