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Nightmarish Dollhouses Designed by a Madman

Ransom Riggs

Over at Fast Company there's a slideshow of incredible dollhouse interiors, all designed by a Santa-Claus-lookin' Frenchman who operates somewhere between the world of Franz Kafka and that of director Jean-Paul Jenet (remember The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen?).

I love how these multi-level creations have a "normal" part, where one would assume people live the bulk of their everyday lives, but as you explore the rest of the house, it becomes more and more sinister and alien-looking, almost biological in nature -- like the lower levels are meant for some nefarious purpose. I'm a fan -- but then, I love haunted houses, and I never particularly loved Barbie dolls, so maybe that's just me. To see more, check out the slideshow.