The Late Movies: Food Fight!

Erica Palan

I attended a pretty buttoned-up Catholic grade school and high school, so no major catastrophes ever took place in our cafeterias. This was in stark contrast to the TV shows I watched, where nearly every cafeteria saw at least one food fight per season. I lived vicarious through television characters who could launch hot dog buns through the air like footballs. Of course, this was before YouTube. Now, I can live vicariously through real students. And so can you!

Was there ever a food fight in your cafeteria? Did you participate?

Highland High School

This fight in Arizona took place three days before summer vacation began. And you thought kids counted down to the end of school? Imagine the poor teachers.

Apopka High School

Short and sweet.

Armstrong High School

As this YouTube user asks, "Who knew tacos could decorate a room so nicely?"

Horizon High School

If you look closely, you can see full bottles of water flying across the room. Which seems like less fun than, say, a hot dog bun.

Joel Barlow High School

This video contains some language that is not appropriate for all mental_floss readers. We recommend turning off the sound and enjoying the imagery.

Faber College

And perhaps the most famous food fight of all ...

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