The World's Most Gruesome Pants

Ransom Riggs

Only in Iceland would someone wear a dead guy as pants. The necropants, as they're called, are at the center of a very strange legend that's part of an exhibit at Iceland's Holmavik Witchcraft and Sorcery Museum (a macabre little pit-stop where you can learn the stories of 17 people burned at the stake in the 17th century -- for supposedly "occult" practices like cursing someone with uncontrollable farting). The necropants were made from the skin of the bottom half of a dead guy -- but that's not the weird part, if you can believe it. From Lonely Planet Iceland:

It was believed that the necropants would spontaneously produce money when worn, as long as the donor corpse had been stolen from a graveyard at the dead of night and a magic rune and a coin stolen from a poor widow were placed in the dead man's scrotum.

Part of me wonders if this wasn't just an elaborate 17th-century prank to make wannabe warlocks look like idiots -- Nice pants, Gunnar! Where's all your money? -- or if the pair on display at the witchcraft museum was the last pair ever made. Could there be some nutjob walking around right now with dead guy pants on? Sweet dreams, kiddies!

BTW, I would've included a picture of the necropants -- easily discoverable with a quick Google -- but it was a little too gruesome.