The White House Prom of '75

Stacy Conradt

Remember the time you held a raging party at your house when your parents were out of town? Susan Ford did that, too. Except her parents were in Europe on Presidential business, the raging party was her senior prom, and her house, of course, was the White House.


While many of us were admiring crepe paper streamers in our cafeterias and gymnasiums, Susan and her 73 classmates (and their dates) were jamming to two bands in the East Room. The class paid $1,300 out of their class treasury to cover party costs.

What the class didn't cover, however, was Susan's pre-prom dinner. She, her date, and three other couples used the Sequoia—the Presidential yacht—to nosh on Beef Stroganoff in style. The Navy stated that Susan paid for the cost of the yacht usage herself.

To date, the Holton-Arms School Class of '75 is the only lucky class to get to hold their senior prom at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But if Malia Obama's dad gets a second term, there could be another one in a few years!