The Late Movies: Time Lapses and Amazing Transformations

Ransom Riggs

It's become a kind of meme on YouTube of late: projects in which people document themselves over long periods of time and then compress the footage -- or series of stills -- so that their aging, or weight loss/gain, or what-have-you over the course of years is squeezed into just a few minutes. The results are often mesmerizing.

Here's an interesting variation on the time-lapse theme which just went viral -- a man who videotaped himself giving annual "personal progress reports" at the end of every year. He started in the late 70s and is still at it.

A fellow named Noah was one of the first to do this, a few years back.

Here's a much faster progression -- two and a half years in just two minutes.

You thought that was fast? Try 15 years in 15 seconds:

5 months of beard growth in one minute:

Almost definitely more interesting than a middle aged guy aging 15 years is a baby aging 10 years. They grow up so fast!

Anyone who finds morphing creepy will definitely find this 41 year transformation creepy:

And finally, just to remind us of what all this time-lapsing inevitably leads to, here's some lapsed footage of vegetables decomposing.