A Cross-Country Film Pilgrimage

Colin Patrick

Last week a bunch of you shared really interesting stories about movies filming in your area of the country. Now you all have a chance to get a film crew out there to document your famous film location. Well, sort of.

The A.V. Club just started a new video web series called Pop Pilgrims – which will visit and discuss various iconic film settings around the nation. The first stop on the cross-country trip is Fox Plaza in Los Angeles – better know to Die Hard fans as Nakatomi Plaza:

The series already has additional planned stops in NYC, Chicago, Austin, Memphis, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. But they’re looking for one more city to round out the trip. If you feel you can make a compelling case, you can visit the Suggest A Pilgrimage page and take a shot.

Personally, I’m pleading for a stop at the Mansfield Reformatory, where Andy Dufresne, Red and Brooks Hatlen made their home.