Celebrating Lesser-Known Prehistoric Animals

Jill Harness

Everyone knows about tyrannosauruses and raptors,  but what about azhdarchids, purussauruses or gorgonopsids (like the one above)? These are some of the newly discovered, lesser-known prehistoric monsters that still deserve some of the fame afforded to the more popular dinosaurs.

Fortunately, Environmental Graffiti is here to educate you on these fascinatingly weird predators. For example, the gorgonopsids would grow up to 20 feet long and intimidate the heck out of their potential prey with their massive teeth that sometimes grew in two rows.

If you're more of a mammal fan, don't worry, the article also discusses the forefathers of the modern wild boar, a carnivorous pig called an entelodon that stood as tall as a human at its shoulders. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather go up against a dozen wild boars over one of these monsters.