The Late Movies: Nike's Slo-Mo Golf Ball Videos


In 2008, Nike put together a series of slow-motion videos in which golf balls were shot through various objects. The project, called "Nike Golf Juice Ball," is surprisingly not very heavily Nike branded -- it's mostly about crazy slo-mo. Of course, they're trying to sell their "juice ball," so perhaps I've just played right into their hands. Anyway, I don't golf, so away we go!


Freaky and beautiful.

Goldfish Bowl

Horrific. How could they shoot a bowl full of goldfish?!*

* = Psych!

Seven Layer Dip

That's a party.

Piggy Bank

The sound really makes this one, as change ricochets off the table.

Cucko Clock

"Set your clocks ahead."

Easter Egg


Festive Beverage

Liquid and glass and stuff blowing up. What's not to love?


There's a bit more at the nikejuiceball YouTube Channel, and you can find some more via this YouTube search. It looks like the original Nike site hosting the videos has gone away, but many live on in unauthorized YouTube posts.