THXTHXTHX: Thank Goodness for Everything

Ransom Riggs

THXTHXTHX is a charming blog made up entirely of handwritten thank-you notes, addressed not to people but to objects and ideas and gestures and everyday things that the blog's founder, Leah, is thankful for. In an online landscape dominated by cynicism and sarcasm, it's like a breath of fresh air -- and it's often charming and funny and disarmingly true, as well.

Having lived in my current place for going on five years (a personal record), I can relate to this one:

I like this one, too. Simple and thought-provoking.

Others are a bit like poems:

The blog's been such a hit that now it's coming out in giftbook form, for which there is, of course, a trailer:

Dear Words from thxthxthx on Vimeo.