Hot Off My Hard Drive: the Miss Peregrine Book Trailer

Ransom Riggs

Remember last month when I posted all those pictures of abandoned chateaus in Belgium and Luxembourg? Well, the reason I was on the hunt for such places was that I was making the book trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a book whose plot involves a fair amount of creepy things happening in big, old abandoned houses in remote parts of Europe -- and what better way to capture the atmosphere of the book than to actually go to a place like that? Now, I know what you're thinking, and let me try to head some questions off at the pass here:

Q: A book trailer? Really? Come on.
A: Yep, it's a thing now. Everybody's doing it.

Q: You flew all the way to Belgium for a couple of shots? Are you mental?
A: It's true, I shot a lot of stuff that I wasn't able to include in this trailer, but I make good use of the footage in a video I'm finishing up now, which will come out next week.

Q: Is this damn book out yet? When will you stop talking about it?
A: Not yet! Next Tuesday, June 7th. But you can pre-order it (and read sample chapters) here.