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How exciting to have won this month's HDYK! It's always my favorite part of the end of the month, since other than that, pretty much all month-end heralds is that the rent is about to be due. I work in the marketing department at a resort, where people poke fun at me for things like naming fonts on sight & knowing the real names of too many colors, but that definitely came in handy this month! Now that it's finally summer again, I plan to spend most of my free time at the beach with a good book, so if any of you lovely Flossers have any suggestions, please do pass them along! Thanks to mental_floss & Neatorama for another great hunt!

Final Answer

A battery

Day 1

"etfnjdok" is the missing code. The letters reverse & add a new one each time, so it was simple to fill in the missing step.

"I'm a gent and a dapper Don," he said. (Magenta)

You'll find I got it at Wal*Mart. (Indigo)

Temper or anger will not suit you well. (Orange)

One dancer, I see, is out of step. (Cerise)


Odd one out: Two. It's the only (not Looney Tunes) one, which means the people doing the artwork were different. For Tom & Jerry they were William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. (

Day 2

The pictures add up to Sean Combs (Pete's Dragon, Wallace Shawn, Piddle, Combs). He was born

November 4, 1969, so 04111969


I figured out AA Milne & EB White first (by racking my brains for famous people with two first initials), as those were both authors I'm familiar with, and used those letters I decoded to work out the rest of the names. Here's the whole list:
H.A. Rey
A.A. Milne
R.L. Stine
E.B. White
H.G. Wells
C.S. Lewis
J.K. Rowling
e.e. cummings

Braille- W.E.B. Dubois

Question: With help from Peter Jackson turning his novels into a blockbuster franchise, what English author born in 1892 is one of the five top-earning dead celebrities according to Forbes?
Answer: J.R.R. Tolkien (no need for research here! I'm a big fan)

(Fun theme for today!)

Day 3

Day 3
Level 1
Top: Fastbreak
Middle: White Men Can't Jump, The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, Hoop Dreams
Bottom: Hoosiers

Four changes: 1 & 2.Punctuation missing after "Streets" & "Here"
3. Shading on basketball changed
4. "E" changed to "F" in "the"

I spotted Justin Bieber pretty quickly (much as I hate to admit it), and worked out the rest, using a top twitter account list for inspiration. Here's who I found:

Typing "cptlj" into Neatorama took me to the correct page, where I learned that the first tweet ever was "just setting up my twttr".

Day 4


The shaded boxes get unscrambled to spell "nutcase"

Peanut Allergy
Peanut Gallery

The critters mentioned can carry (in order of appearance) 15, 21, & 24 acorns. Once they take all 60 of these, that leaves 40 in the pile.

And in response to Neatorama's question, ripe coconut flesh is white.

Day 5




A battery!