Leslie Nielsen's Grin-Inducing Grave

Colin Patrick

The comedy world lost a legend last November when Leslie “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Nielsen passed away. While his hilarious career output (Airplane!, Police Squad!, The Naked Gun) is enough to keep people laughing for years to come, he apparently thought that wasn’t enough. He also wanted to bring a smile to the face of anyone visiting his grave. That’s why he requested that his grave marker include this one final joke:

I like the idea of a gravestone with a joke. I personally want to be cremated. But I think if I were to have a headstone I’d want it to say:

“I lived ____ years and all I got was this lousy death.”

What about you? What witty quip or inspiring quotation do you want to grace your grave?

(Photo credit: Amy Beth Bennett, Sun Sentinel/Via A.V. Club)