Michael J. Fox's Middle Name is Andrew

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Michael J. Fox was born 50 years ago today. But as Stacy Conradt once told us, he wasn't Michael J. back then. He was Michael A. Fox, for Andrew. There was already a Michael Fox in the Screen Actors Guild, so I suppose Michael decided "J." sounded better than "A," eh?

To celebrate, Life.com has rounded up the real names of dozens of famous people, from Betty Joan Perske to Demetria Gene Guynes to Issur Danielovitch.

(If anyone enjoys Born on the Same Day trivia, Aaron Sorkin also turns 50 today. And if you like Born on the Same Day trivia and you're a big Family Ties buff, Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter, who played Steve and Elyse Keaton, were both born on June 22, 1947. If you do not care for Born on the Same Day trivia, this paragraph was probably tough to take.)